• LatAm Insurance Review - Powering up
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    Powering up

    The Argentine insurance market presents opportunities for those able to navigate its regulatory environment, and planned energy and agriculture initiatives may boost insurance demand. Energy generation has the potential to drive growth in the Argentine insurance market, according to an analysis of the market. Follow this link to see the PDF: Powering up 

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    Gamification: it’s not just child’s play

    We learn to play before we walk or even before we talk. Games give us a thrill, not just due to the interaction involved, but also the reward at the end of them. Playing games, however, is not just for children: in advertising it is something that is proven to drive interaction. Gamification is becoming…

  • Companies are now targeting customers more effectively, as demonstrated by the Mini DOOH campaign
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    What’s to come in 2014

    Digital out-of-home continued to grow in 2013 – and it doesn’t look like slowing down in 2014. With lower prices and greater ease of use, the market is expanding into areas that perhaps wouldn’t have considered digital signage as an option before. Compared with traditional advertising mediums, such as TV, radio or the internet, DOOH…

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    Meet the Band

    What makes Argentine tango music unique? What does the clave do in salsa? And what are the qualities of a good band-leader? For an article for Dance Today magazine Geny Caloisi meets musicians of five different bands who play for you on the dance floor and gets some answers. Follow this link to see the…

  • Risk UK - Geny Caloisi looks at security solutions in the healthcare sector
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    Security when needed the most

    The safety and security requirements in healthcare are unique. Hospitals are dynamic, stressful environments, where there is a high volume of people circulating, staff trying to do their jobs and expensive equipment that needs to be in the right place at the right time. In common with any other public space, you will find CCTV…

  • The research provided insight into how location and audience can affect interaction with DOOH
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    Screens in the Wild

    For the past two years the University College London (UCL) and the University of Nottingham (UoN) have been working together on a project called Screens in the Wild. Researchers from the UCL’s Space Group and the UoN’s Mixed Reality Lab investigated how media screens located in urban space can be designed to benefit public life….

Green Issues in focus Dec07 Featured

Green issues in focus

Everybody is talking about it, but is the a-v industry thinking and working towards being green? The general consensus is that for the a-v industry’s being green is sometimes not possible. For instance, if you want to make big sound systems in a concert work, the use of generators is unavoidable, and flying audiences to…

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  • A-V, the new stained glass Nov07 Featured

    A-V, the new stained glass

    The use of a-v in houses of worship is a massive market in the USA. It is now growing fast in the UK and Europe. Geny Caloisi set out to explore the market. Follow this link to see the PDF: A-V, the new stained glass Nov07  

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  • Lights, action Sep07 featured

    Lights, action

    Lighting designers (LDs to the cognoscenti) play a vital role in the touring business and an increasingly important one in the world of corporate live events. Geny Caloisi asked Keane’s LD, Rob Sinclair, how it all works. Follow this link to see the PDF: Lights, action Sep07    

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  • In two places at once

    Imagine seeing the sun setting over New York through one window and turning your head to see dusk in Sydney. Dedicated cruising folk will have that option next year, thanks to a-v technology, says Geny Caloisi. Follow this link to see the PDF: AV Magazine, applications – In two places at once

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  • AV Magazine, applications - A new life for the Dome

    A new life for The Dome

    The white elephant has been revived. The a-v content, rather than the technology, in the original Millennium Dome let it down, but now the structure has a new lease of life, reports Geny Calois. The beginning of the new millennium left Londoners with a huge dormant white elephant in north Greenwich. The Dome angered many…

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  • Going out with a bang

    Live shows that mix formal speeches and rock and roll are not that usual. Nor’s holding an event in Libya. Geny Caloisi and Bob Geldof both managed to avoid the richochets. Follow this link to see the PDF: Going out with a band Oct07

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  • Executive action

    The majority of video- conferencing systems makers have targeted the ‘executive’ or desktop segment. Geny Caloisi finds out how well they are doing Follow this link to see the PDF: Excecutive action Sep07

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  • Rocking in the air

    Lighting and video effects are a rock and roll staple that can set creative targets. Geny Caloisi went to Liverpool for a first hand look. Follow this link to see the PDF: Rocking in the air Sep07  

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  • Macau Aug07 Featured

    Betting on Macau

    Opening ceremonies are not merely exclusive to sporting events. Using Hong Kong connections,UK company RS Live flew to Macau to open the territory’s newest casino using aerialists, lighting, a-v and LED screens. Geny Caloisi was on the flight. February 11 was D-day in Macau, China. The new Grand Lisboa Casino was to open its doors…

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