Objects and stories

Museums are places were objects and stories converge to introduce visitors to different ways of life, history, art and culture. In the last half century, AV technology has started to play an important role in this environment, providing new ways of engaging with the audience. Geny Caloisi reports.

InAVate, environments - Objects and stories

InAVate, environments – Objects and stories

Museums collect, document, preserve and display objects. But this is not all they are about. A museum also tells a story. The layout and type of technology used, depends on the objective of the museum – is it a local museum; is it for tourists; is it object-heavy or is its narrative built just using audiovisual resources?

It’s also important to distinguish between traditional museums (scientific, historical and cultural), which are usually owned by the government or public organisations, and the private corporate and brand marketing-driven museums. Looking at the trends and technologies in this market, it’s clear that one size doesn’t fit all.

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