Moscow Digital Signage conference attracts 300 people

Russia’s digital signage leaders, DigiSky and Adissy, have organised for a second consecutive year the “Digital Signage – no alternative!” conference. Bringing together more than 300 people from Europe, Moscow, Russian regions and Commenwealth of Independant States (CIS) countries, the two days conference was held at the Korston Hotel in Moscow (May31st-June1st).

After last year’s success, DigiSky and Adissy realised the importance of providing a space to debate and learn about this rapidly growing industry, and decided to extend the conference to two days.

“Digital Signage – no alternative!” had an interesting agenda with speakers from Russian and other European countries, talking about the state of the market, technical advances and business development. Some of the companies sharing their knowledge included: Microsoft, LG, Scala, Harris, AOpen and Intel.

The conference invited end users and media companies to familirise themselves with what Digital Out Of Home networks are, how they can be used, what benefits they bring and how to find the right solution for their business.

It also included an exhibition area, where attendees could see digital signage demos first hand.  The demo-zone showcased innovations such as gesture control; touch-sensors; integration with social media; and the use of Near Field Communication (NFC).

DigiSky presented a complex media extension for business. The demo was a combo of music, digital signage and thematic content – ideal for brands that want  to offer their clients an unforgettable shopping experience.

Natalya Vorontsova, Business Development Manager of company AOpen, mentioned, that the conference was conducted at the highest level. “The Russian market already knows and understands what Digital Signage is. It is time to make the most of its potential and get total efficiency from the made investments. The conference gave knowledge and ideas for how to achieve it”.

Alain Bodenstedt, Regional Executive Director of Scala, said “The conference was a great opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people and companies, and strengthen our ties and position in this market.” He pointed out that although some of Scala’s competitors are becoming less active in this region, the company sees great room for growth. “Thanks to our pilot product Scala5, we are able to meet the customers` requirements to a successful project”.

The Imperative Group Managing Director Chris Heap highlighted how well the conference had been organised, with a wide range of the participants and a nice balance between the main program, business communication and informal networking.

Harris’ Maxim Sverdlov, Head of the Key Account Management Department put her name down for next year’s conference already, saying: “The event was excellent. In future I would like to hear more reports from end users and it might be a good idea to have some round tables for discussions.”

Alexander Pivovarov, Adissy Director thanked sponsors: LG, Scala, Microsoft, AOpen, Harris, Intel, QMatic, IAdea, Tricolor and Croc. He also said that the help of its partners Dismart, Qarta, iFree and 3M was much appreciated. “Next year we will make it even more interesting, bigger and better.”

Vladimir Kozlov, Director of DigiSky, concluded: “Only two years old, but this conference is already proving a success and a must attend event in Russia. We will continue with its development, so next year come and join the leaders.”

First published in Output Magazine