OOH Life-Cycle Managed through Key Systems

Key Systems, a provider of software solutions for the out of home industry, is taking its management system to the street with a new mobile application. Media owners armed with a Windows 7 mobile device can access Key Systems’ Fusion on the go.

Ian Morris, Key Systems Client Services Director explains, “Using Key Systems software, media owners are no longer limited to being at a desks, to show what they have on offer. Today, sales executives are able to walk around a city with their clients and give them instant answers on what there is available either on static media or digital screens. They can even find out what’s playing at that precise moment and what’s coming up.”

Launching its mobile application is just part of how Key Systems strives to keep up with the times we live in, and the needs of the market. The company has been around for a while. Originally set up in 1987, Key Systems has been developing and providing software exclusively for the Out of Home industry for over 25 years.

Founded in the UK by Mike Dillon and Mark Nicholls, Key Systems quickly expanded globally to North and South America, Australia and the Far East. Initially it worked with traditional static media, six-sheet and billboards but in the last few years it has wholly embraced the word of digital screens. Over 25 media owners and agencies worldwide use Key Systems products.

So how does it work? Key Systems has an all-encompassing software product called Fusion. With Fusion Media Owner (MO) companies can manage the whole life cycle of its assets, from planning, sales, creative and production to delivery, finance and maintenance.

Fusion also comes in other flavour: Fusion Agency. As its name indicates, this software is for media planners and media buyers. It helps agencies on managing campaigns, create contracts with media owners, check locations of the panels, monitor prohibitions and blacklists and check the location of panels in relation to other panels in the campaign.

Also for media owners and part of the Fusion umbrella is Quattro. This program has the same capabilities as Fusion MO, including geo-location mapping, landlord and lease management and invoicing, but it has been tailored for the USA market, which has some requirements that are different to the rest of the world.

Digital Director is the techy-cool kid on the Fusion family. For ‘DigiD’ (as I choose to call it) it is all about screens, any size, any resolution, LCD, plasma or LED. As long as they are digital screens it can manage them, make play lists, schedules, give proof of posting and reporting.

Finally Key Systems offers also Web Services for remote access and management.

Key Systems works with major media owners in all vertical markets, from transit to leisure, retail, road and airports. Some of the companies it works with are: JCDecaux, Titan, APN in Australia, Eye and Primesight, to name but a few.

Paul Daniels Operations Director at Primesight says: “Primesight must manage its large and diverse inventory efficiently and effectively to remain competitive and deliver business growth. Key Systems provides a stable platform through which we can achieve this.”

First published on Output Magazine