Screeen Media Expo on wheels

This year three companies drove into Earls Court at Screen Media Expo: Eyetease Media, Verifone and Phillips.

Philips Public Signage, AOpen and NDS, truck

Philips Public Signage, had partnered with AOpen and NDS, and parked a big lorry in the middle of the hall. The displays were featured inside and outside the vehicle and showed from glasses-less 3D displays to touchscreen solutions, retail applications and way-finding.

An interesting demo on the truck, was from software company NetDisplay, with its new digital signage software product PADS4. PADS4 enables the design, schedule and distribution of any type of content to any screens. The Microsoft .NET system, is connected to a database that allows users to include real-time data to their content.

Eyetease and VeriFone didn’t use their ‘wheels’ to show integrated solutions for other markets, such as hospitality or retail. Their proposition is indeed vehicles with screens. In the case of Eyetease, with its iTaxitop, the screen is on the roof of the vehicle. VeriFone instead opts for an in-car screen and this year it also showed a Sky News wrap promoting its latest deal with the broadcaster.

iTaxitop’s double sided mobile digital advertising screen, was this year 20% larger than last year (where it featured on top of a Mini instead of a black cab) and had 1200 candelas instead to the 1000 from V1.0. The screens are LED backlit LCDs and consume just 1.2 to 1.5 watts to the gallon, not being a real burden for the vehicle’s battery.

Richard Corbett, CEO EyeTease and Geny Caloisi

The on-roof screen takes only a couple of hours to mount and once in-situ, it is secure and can cannot be taken away. Eyetease Media’s scheduling software and GPS connectivity means that an advertising campaign can be quickly deployed onto thousands of iTaxitops in seconds using 3G and 4G mobile technology. The system supports all content formats, including static imagery and video.

VeriFone, a company well known for its secure electronic payment technologies, is growing its networks of taxis that use its credit card system and screens. The company’s 15-inch LCD in-taxi screen is part of VeriFone Digital Network (VNET) Media. The solution, called TaxiTV, combines advertising, local information and now also 15 minutes loops of Sky News. VNET has geotargeting technology, by which advertisers can send cluster messaging around a specific neighbourhood, event, conference or key store locations.

“We have over 4000 cabs now with our credit card systems and over 2500 cars with media screens,” commented Chris Polos vice president, US Media Sales, who was at the show.

Chris Polos, VP Verifone and Geny Caloisi

Near Field Communication was a special topic at this year’s Screnmedia Expo and VeriFone is not lagging behind in this. The company was recently awarded “Best Contactless/NFC Infrastructure” for its London taxi operations at the 2012 Contactless Intelligence Contactless & Mobile Awards. Over the past 12 months, Taxis fitted with VeriFone solution offered its passengers the option to pay for their journey with a “tap and go” contactless card if they have one and the fare is less than £15.

Article first published in Output Magazine.