Putting Canchengue on the Map

DanceToday - Putting Canchengue on the map Oct09

DanceToday – Putting Canchengue on the map Oct09

Geny Caloisi explains why canchengue is the essence of the tango now declared by UNESCO as part of the world’s cultural heritage.

UNESCO has declared tango music and dance “part of the world’s cultural heritage”. But there is, perhaps, a secret part of tango that has not been acknowledged. Argentines know that there are different types of tango. Show tango has bigger moves, more kicking and a less predictable use of the floor than you’d expect for exhibitions, salon tango has the subtlety of moves and consideration you’d expect when many people are on the dance floor at the same time and then there’s canchengue – a type of tango it’s quite difficult to appreciate without a bit of a background in Argentine history and culture.

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