Can you hear me clearly?

Times have changed in the congress solutions and discussion systems arena. Openness and transparency is the mantra for public meetings. Private meetings also demand remote access and ease of use. Geny Caloisi talks to the lead manufacturers in this industry to find out the latest.

InAVate, technology insight - Can you hear me clearly?

InAVate, technology insight – Can you hear me clearly?

Conference systems are used to increase speech intelligibility and clarity. The quality of the equipment and technology used is vital in achieving this. However, as John Hunnisett form congress solutions specialist Sound Advice points out: “If you use any of the equipment blindfolded you would not be able to tell the difference between one brand and the next.”

The manufacturers’ solutions available in this market differ on type of network connections; the sophistication of the user interface; integration with personal devices and the kind of data-sharing they allow.

All interviewees agreed that simultaneous translation is a growing requirement.

The main trend is a move towards wireless and paperless – sometimes even participant-less with people attending the meeting virtually.

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